Our Brands

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Avuá Cachaça

Single-sourced and pot distilled in a farm about four hours from Rio. Production is sustainable and traditional using a waterwheel to press, gravity to transition, and remnants of the cane to fire the still. Our mission is to challenge the perception of this category as a one-trick caipirinha pony through a terroir-driven artisanal product available in two unaged and five unique wood aged products.


Svöl Aquavit

Taking a thoughtful gin-inspired approach to a centuries-old Scandinavian spirit. We worked with Gunnar Gislasson chef/owner of Dill in Iceland and Jonas Andersen of Agern & Great Northern Food Hall on botanicals, souring and blending. Allen Katz and the NY Distilling team is our production partner with their great expertise in botanical distillation. We are excited to share with you our first two marks inspired by the traditions of Denmark and Sweden.