It has been an honor to join the bar community in the journey with Avuá Cachaça starting in 2012 during a chance encounter with Sasha Petraske in a coffee shop in NYC. Since then, Nate and I have separately been to hundreds of different cities and dozens of countries on foot with backpacks, on trains, in rental cars, and in late night airports to share our passion for cachaça, and Avuá, with the world.

In the process, we have been inspired by and made friends with bartenders, managers and owners from all around the world that have kept our passion alive through the late nights and early mornings. We have expanded to a team of nine people around the world dedicated to growing this niche category, many of whom you have worked with.

Now we are excited to announce the next phase of the mission: Drifter. Inspired by our vagabond life, we will add to Avuá a group of underrepresented products and continue to build out a team to educate on a range of amazing products across the United States and Western Europe.

Our brands are niche spirits focused on the bartender that we discovered or developed in our travels. You will be discovering Svöl Aquavit this year, the second of our products in the Drifter book, and we hope you love drinking it as much as we loved crafting it!



NOUN a person who is continually moving from place to place.

ORIGIN First recorded in 1860–65.